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Creatine and creatinine transport in old and young human red blood cells. Conversely, Bender et al. One of the primary mechanisms by which creatine supplementation has been proposed to improve performance is through enhancement of the phosphocreatine energy system[ 41 ] allowing users to train at higher volumes. Participants were randomly assigned in a double-blind fashion to one of three groups: Responders had the highest percentage of type II fibers

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What is the effect of ageing on type 2 muscle fibres?

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Finally, creatine supplementation improved performance independent of training and since the experimenters had participants perform six familiarization protocols it is not likely that any performance improvements were due to a learning effect. Moreover, the saturable component of creatine transport is related to cell age and is greater in young cells[ 64 ]. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Conversely, Bender et al. Enzyme activity and fiber composition in skeletal muscle of untrained and trained men. This theory is supported by Greenhaff et al. InEijnde et al.


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